Ultimate Shred Pontefract

Membership fitness website design for Pontefracts number 1 fitness company


AboutThe Client

Project Insight

The Ultimate Shred team are fitness enthusiasts based in Castleford and Pontefract, they are your personal trainer, your nutritionist and your supplement expert.

Ultimate Shred came to Web Design Den looking for a membership website that would allow them to manage competitions, workouts, exercises and nutrition plans.

The website utilises membership functional to control user permission, This makes it possible to grant access to plans for paying customers. For the competitions it was vital that content was drip fed to customer making sure everyone gets access to new content at the same time. They also use this for monthly subscriptions too enabling them to provide members consistent new content to keep them subscribing.

Live chat integration was also provided this includes web interface and mobile app, so the team can manage their clients on the go.

Site Demo

ultimate shred pontefract mobile phone web design view
ultimate shred pontefract membership web design
ultimate shred pontefract membership web design laptop image