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The main objective of LD Nutrition’s Service is to provide fresh, top quality food at an affordable price. LD Nutrition are based in the Castleford & Pontefract.

This project required an online food ordering system like no other, LD Nutrition previously had a website, but it just didn’t meet the need of the business, so they approached us at Web Design Den to develop something innovative and unique.

The key focus of the project was to make it possible for users to customise their meals to fit their own specific macros, we did this by extending an eCommerce platform and giving the users many but easy to understand options.

The next area that required extra attention was the collection & delivery functionality. We needed to make it possible for users to collect their orders from their chosen store on a specific date and time, whilst also taking into consideration the store opening hours and prep time for meals. Deliveries were only available to specific locations, so we had to restrict all other postcodes from choosing delivery as an option.

Customer Review

The project was finished to a very high standard meeting all the needs of the business. Dawn from LD Nutrition was so happy she left us this amazing review

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